Welcome to QEA

With over 32 years combined experience in the Australian Energy Market, QEA is focused on cost reduction and reducing business demand for energy which has a positive impact on the environment.

With large and small clients including government departments, our areas of expertise include cost reduction, data analysis through energy audits and efficiencies in the North Queensland Energy markets. Our difference to our competitors is our specialist skills in the energy market, client focus, locality in North Queensland and we are also Registered Professional Engineers in Queensland that can implement our recommendations. We don't offer solutions that do not meet the Australian Standards or Building Code of Australia.

  • Energy Audits
  • Electricity Procurement
  • Tariff Reviews
  • Generation Market Opportunities
  • Forward Energy Modelling
  • Lifecycle Forecasting of Plant/Equipment
  • Building Services Engineering Design (RPEQ)
  • Power Quality Evaluation
  • Network Agreement Negotiations
  • Metering Systems & Billing Systems
  • Regulatory Government Reporting
  • NABERs Assessment and Ratings
  • Certified Monitoring and Verification Professionals