Why QEA?

With over 32 years combined experience in the Australian Energy Market. QEA is focused on a philosophy of reducing customers operating costs and customer's demand for energy. By doing this we achieve a positive impact on the environment.

QEA have successfully improved customer's competitiveness with reduced OPEX and improving CAPEX "Return On Investment" with "Life Cycles Cost" evaluations and tailoring our recommendations to each sites.

Our difference to our competitors is our specialist skills in many facets of the energy market, client focus and relationships, locality and recognised leaders in tropical building solutions through innovation. 


Rentao Sasso Renato Sasso (D.Eng; QBSA Electrical; HV Auditor; Affl.IEAust) is an Associate Electrical Engineer with experience in suppling and selling electricity to the Industrial and Commercial Sector. Blending with this knowledge is experience in energy management as a commercial opportunity. Renato is a licensed HV operator and an accredited Energy Auditor. Renato's experience includes knowledge in the Electricity Network operations; Energy Efficiency; Demand Management; Preventative Maintenance; Retail contracting; Account Management and Project Management. Renato brings a wealth of knowledge in the energy market and energy negotiations.