An Energy Audit is the essential, first step in an energy management program.

It establishes the kinds of energy used, the quantities and areas of consumption and the potential for energy cost savings... $$$$$$$

An Energy Audit will:
  • determine where energy is being used , in what form, in what quantities and at what cost;
  • relate energy use to output of products or services;
  • highlight areas of significant energy use, and identify areas of efficient and inefficient use;
  • recommend actions to reduce energy consumption;
  • provide estimates of potential energy savings, implementation costs and payback periods for each recommended action;
  • provide a base for an ongoing energy management program in the organisation including review and evaluation.
An Energy Audit should be repeated on a biannual basis to:
  • check what savings were gained if no other monitoring is performed
  • check if an acceptable level of energy afficiency is being maintained
  • re-evaluate the benfits of new technologies and opportunities arising

We envisage our energy management services to be working generally within North Queensland, later expanding to the wider arena, to suit national clients needs.